Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Mountains of Freedom finished

The area layout and dialogs/scripts are finished for this area. Some of the scripts need a bit of polishing but they all work (sadly, I was able to re-create a bug that exists in the original with one of my scripts, it however is fixed now...amusing). I was able to keep about ....99%? of the layout the same as the original, but again, the Ultima game has some tile sets NWN2 does not have. I also had to come up with an idea for the endless tunnel. The way they archived that in the original is not even possible in the NWN2 engine (loading tile sets while playing), but hopefully I have a happy resolution to that.

Some screen shots:

What did you call me?

The Black Sword thank to
MWM Ultima Black Sword Hak

A very sad ranger

I am now working on all the updated states/conversations in Moonshade after you come back from Freedom (sadly, it is not that much).

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