Thursday, December 27, 2007

Project Update: ON HOLD

Sorry for the lack of updates. I recently have been recovering from a flood that we had a few weeks ago here in Washington State. I thankfully live on the 3rd floor of the building I live in so nothing project wise was lost. I did however lose my vehicle. I was also unable to get back into my building for a few days as well. Dealing with that and of course the holidays have been keeping me quite busy.

The scene from my balcony:

THIS PROJECT IS NOT CANCELED. I WILL finish it. It is merely on hold.

I have decided to suspend working on it and work with the team making the Realms of Ultima.

I feel Realms of Ultima is a VERY good thing for the Ultima Community, and ultimately a better mod to have finished first. Plus, I hopefully would be able to borrow many assets of this mod, once it is finished.

I will let you know when this mod will resume. I'll try to tell some of the various other Ultima news sites when I am back to finishing this.

Thanks to those of you following this blog and your encouragement for this project. I GREATLY Appreciate it!

For now I encourage you to visit Realms of Ultima!


Nalencer said...

That's too bad, man. Get things back in order and get back to the project when you can.

Jason said...

Ugh, so sorry to see and hear about the serious flooding problem. I hope you are able to recover from it well.

It's nice to see someone else interested in the RoU project. I look forward to your contributions when you're back on your feet again. Take care.


Wyrin said...

wow - bad luck, and what timing. Good luck getting everything back in order!

Nicodemus said...

Hey folks, I thought you all might be interested in hearing that we have just released our 4th Milestone in our little project for Ultima 6 using the Dungeon Siege Engine. Click the link below to go to the download page.

Take care and I hope you all enjoy it!

Team Archon
World Builder, QA, and Assistant to the Lead Conversation Editor

"We Re-Create Worlds Fresh Daily"

*mailed fist strikes table*

"NO!! By Hand!!"

Nalencer said...

NWN > Dungeon Siege

That's how it is.

Ultima 7 pt2 Biggest Fan said...

First let me say that looked like one nasty ass storm and i hope you get your things in order soon..

When i 1st got my hands on NWN toolset i said to myself "Right, now all i need is a divorce and the world would be perfect", Finally i would be able to re-create my all-time fav game Ultima 7: Serpent isle

And i started to do just that, but as i worked alone tryin to figure out how all this scripting worked (coz i had no idea at all) lol.. Not much has changed im afraid..
I managed to get as far as the knights test in detail.. But i have mapped and created all random and set encounters/npc's for all the starting area's inc, Fawn, Monitor, Sleeping Bull Inn all the way to gorlab swamp and the goblin camp/tunnel's ...

Then ... It happend...

I put it on hold...

By the time i got back to it.. NWN 2 and its brand new toolset are out. And i hear about all these other ultima's being re-created.. And y not.. They are classics

But my advice to you.. Dont put this on hold.. Someone else will beat you to it. And there aint no prizes for 2nd place.. You sound like you have come to far to put it on hold now.. Complete this mod and have your name spoken everytime someone says in awe.

"How good is the re-created ultima game that Jaesun modded"

ill check back here soon, and hopefully you will have great news for me.. like you have decided to continue this mod.. no pressure or anyhting tho... FINISH IT!!! lol

Nalencer said...

I've heard worse advice.

Anonymous said...

Decided to look for news on your WIP and I am really sorry to learn that it is on hold. I missed the original Ultimas and don't have the tech knowledge to make them work (and probably wouldn't have had the patience with the perspective /interface if I did). I was really hoping to partake in their awesomeness through your mod. Still, RL is what it is and always ready to throw a wrench in the works. Just remember that there are a lot of people out there who would be happy if your creation saw the light of day... TIA.

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Petrell said...

So now that Realms of Ultima project seem to have stagnated will you continue this project? Or are both dead/hibernating?

Anonymous said...

"THIS PROJECT IS NOT CANCELED. I WILL finish it. It is merely on hold."

So, a year and a half later, the flood water hasn't receded yet?

Dude, just announce failure and shut down the site already.

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Sorry about what happen.

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