Friday, October 26, 2007

Mad Mage/Northern Isle finished

All the dialogs/Items are finished (This is a plot specific area). I spent probably WAY too much time on this area, mainly because I needed to be sure I understood a few concepts on the NWN2 engine (especially creating a hak pack and custom TLK). After a couple of days forum reading I was able to figure out what I needed:

Custom loading tips:

Custom Portraits:

Custom Icons:

(I also have custom load screens as well, I just did not have a screen shot handy). I am pulling all the Icons/Portraits directly from SI (via Exult Studio). Also I made sure I understood the scripted waypoint system (i.e. Vasel/Erstam walk back and forth and performs tasks/animations) This all works fine now.

Also MokahTGS uploaded the Realms of Ultima Content Pack - Icons which included some SI specific icons! Thank you MokahTGS! :)

You can visit MokahTGS's site: Realm's of Ultima

Up next: Monk Isle

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Anonymous said...

Looking great so far! Keep it up.