Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fawn dialogs finished

All of the dialogs for Fawn, including the "Event" are all now finished. This took me a long time to complete because there are TONS of conditionals in most all of the conversations. For example, 1 NPC took me 6 hours to write, due to the amount of different text the NPC will say, based off of certain conditions. Whew!

All 3 different conditions of the "Event" (The Player does 1 thing, the Player does another thing, or the Player does nothing at all) are there. I never knew that if you did nothing at all, you get a way cooler ending of the "event" (In my opinion). In all my times of playing through SI I never considered this. heh.

I really wanted to build the "event" area and test and script this scene, but with the new stuff in MotB coming soon, I'll wait till I have my hands on that.

I also finished the 1 side-quest in Monitor (The uh, one that involves 1 person in Monitor). All the dialogs are finished for that as well.

Up next: Sleeping Bull

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