Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sleeping Bull dialogs finished

All the dialogs/variables needed for this area are done. I did make the first floor of the Sleeping Bull, just to test some of the dialogs and scripts (Such as after talking to an NPC thier name will change from say "fighter" to "Wilfred") as well as being able to turn the candles on or off.

A sample pic (This area is FAR from finished, and will change):

Those that have played before will probably remember this priceless quote. :D

I updated to v1.10 for NWN2. So far, no problems. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Thankfully all the plug-in's I use are now updated for 1.10, that's why I waited.

Up next: I may try to do the cut-scene of the boat trip... or just move on to Moonshade.


Stuart said...

Hmmm! Looks like you've got a spammer on your blog, Jaesun. Ick.

As for the project itself, looking fun to me! Good luck with this.

Jaesun said...

ugh.. damn spammers.

Thanks for the encouragement Stuart! :)