Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Silver Seed finished

Wow. I never thought I would say those words. But currently, a person could play and finish the Silver Seed quest. Well, the mechanics/areas/items/dialogs to finish it are there. The areas are ugly, horribly unbalanced, and unfinished. But I have accomplished what I was looking to do. Oh and a screen shot, that doesn't really spoil things:

Actually this is a really crappy screen shot (because I don't want to spoil...something), but let's just say the entire sequence came out pretty well. I'm happy with it.

And thanks to Exult Studio, I could just load up the original, and enter the map mode, so I could easily map out the keep.

Up next. My favorite town, Fawn! The "event" that happens there is awesome. I can't wait to work on re-creating it.

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