Saturday, September 15, 2007

Silver Seed Outpost Finished


The original entrance to the outpost.

How it looks in my mod currently (not the final version).

Please DO note: No, that is not what the NPC's will look like. No, that is not what the Leather Armor will look like in game. I have not even begun to work on that yet. Since Mask is almost ready for release, I'll wait until I see what new stuff Mask has.

I pretty much kept the layout of the outpost exactly like the original. The Puzzles, scrolls, notes, traps are all done and scripted, and again for the most part, exactly like the original (like the notes/plaque that are unreadable unless... you do something). The area needs a TON of polish, but again I will wait until Mask is released. For the Ice Golems I used Patsy's & Sunlee’s Golems.
Currently they are un-killable, which was quite amusing as I play-tested this area. heh. I obviously have something set wrong in their attributes, I will change this later as balancing will be done much much later.

Now off to do Aram-Dol's Lair. Bleh. I *HATE* this area in the original. As a person who is Dungeonly Challenged™, it's easy for me to get lost, and lose my sense of direction (even with a map!). Yes, yes, I am truly a pathetic person. :D

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