Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Silver Seed Aram-Dol's Lair finished

The area is finished (scripting etc..). Here's screen shot.. nothing too fancy.

Somebodies Throne Room

It occured to me when building this, that the documents that come with the Ultima Collection include the official Silver Seed walkthrough.. including maps. I was able to simply print out the individual pages for each area, and draw up a grid over the map, and create the area EXACTLY the same as the original! yay! (Well, Ultima has a few tiles that NWN2 does not have, so I improvised). The area ended up being a 32 x 24 area, and I was able to fit all 4 levels in the area, so there will not be any loading delays (which was my original goal). I am trying to not load any areas, while exploring one. The area still needs placeables and polish.

Next is The Fiend's Lair. And thankfully, I have a map of the area, so I can just draw up a grid and also create the area exactly the same.

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