Thursday, September 6, 2007

Silver Seed - The Maze

The first level of The Maze is now finished. All scripting is done and works fine. I just now need to place down some more blue flames and other objects so it looks pretty. The layout and "correct" path is exactly like the original.


Amraphael said...

Looks great! I was really hooked on the original game back then. Will you support multiplayer as well as singleplayer? Keep up the good work!

Jaesun said...

Thanks for the comment Amraphael!

Currently the mod is being developed for single player only. But since I am only building a "skeletal outline" the implementation of multilayer should not be a problem. I *am* trying to keep multilayer in mind as I am develop this. And it would have been a blast if you could have player the original SI with friends!

Livi said...

Good for people to know.