Friday, September 21, 2007

Silver Seed Fiend's Domain finished

The area/scripts/conversations are all finished. I was really happy I was able to create this trap:

just like the original. Player sees a seemingly safe area, runs on in, fires suddenly appear and then ouch! Yay!

I'm not quite sure how to handle the "saw" traps, from what I can determine from the original, a proximity trigger gets fired, the saw blade animates and will damage anyone near it. For now I just have some spike traps. I'll address this when I get to the polishing phase.

There are quite a few missing creatures as well. I am happy with the Suit of Armor:

Still could use a little more tweaking, this is just what I cam up with in about 5 minutes. Now I just need Mongbats, Naga, Wild Men and Headless. and Gazers. Wild Men, Headless and Gazers should be easy enough to create. For Mongbats, well I tried just making the normal Bat creature, and resizing it. Works ok. Not sure what to do about the Naga.

This area is basically a gigantic combat and traps area, and finding hidden items in rubble. As well as finding the best item in the entire game. heh.

Next up is the Keep. Unfortunately there are no maps of the keep (like for the other 4 areas), so I'll have to do a little bit of digging to see if I can somewhat make a map and re-create the area the same as the original. I d/l a U7 editor as well as looked around in Exult Studio as well.


Wyrin said...

hey this is looking really good - i'd forgottne about those flames that would appeare under your feet - nice work!

Jaesun said...

Thanks wyrin! I always hated this dam trap. It would always surprised me every time! ;)