Sunday, August 26, 2007

Arrival Area

The Arrival area is finished. For this area:

~*Must have* Plot related~
(Don't worry, I will not spoil anything.)
Lightning storms bad!
Meet the Monks
Script Monk Battle scene
Create specific plot items
The cave
1st creature encounter
Entrance to new area.

The scripted monk battle came out very well. I am quite happy with it.
Also the area I designed for this works just fine, but is unfinished.
I haven't figured out how to place a ring of fire, (for now I just placed the Sigil for that effect).

The conversation with the monk, I played SI in the background to verify I was copying the correct lines for that character from the Usecode. (I do this for ALL NPC conversations). It takes a while but I want to be sure, as there are a few un-used lines. If I remember reading correctly some of the plot was changed, but the old lines remain for some characters.

And of course all of the dialogs are in the Ultima style, in that all the topics appear, and as you read them those tops do no appear again.

Currently I am forcing the PC to read ALL topics before leaving the conversation. In my current play through in SI I am making sure I talk about all topics before leaving a conversation to make sure I have all topics available. I can fix this later as it is easy to figure out when a certain topic line allows a new topic to appear for a certain NPC.

I finished this area quite a few days ago. I am just posing it here.

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