Sunday, August 26, 2007


Some may wonder what exactly I will implement into this mod:

Leather armor, Plate armor, Magic armor?

Food: This will be a low priority. I am not wasting any thought on it yet. I will use it, I just haven't figured out how I want to implement it. Also once you gain the goblet, this becomes useless. This is not plot related.

Reagents: After you find the ring of reagents (which you can get, *somewhat* early on) reagents become completely useless. Not sure what I will do yet on this. This is not plot related.

Spellbook: This should be easy enough to code using an item to cast spells. At least I hope it will. heh. Again see above about reagents.

Lockpicks: I haven't figured out how to allow any player to use lockpicks (that isn't a thief class). I'm sure this is really simple and easy, I just couldn't figure it out...yet. I just then have to figure out how to make them work or break, based off of some stat. I believe it was based off of DEX in the original.

Armor: My idea for this is, for example Leather Armor. What I would do, is change the base AC of leather armor down. Then if you have leather gloves, this will add 1 AC. Have leather legs, add another 1 AC. Leather helm add another 1 AC. Thus when you have Leather armor, gloves, boots and legs, you now have the AC of regular leather armor. I felt it important to maintain the same dynamic in the original.

Keys: Not sure how I am going to handle this yet. Currently a key is used up when used.

Money: I will be doing the exchange rates and different types of money. This will be finished later.

The above stuff will be implemented later. Again my current scope is to create a basic skeletal outline of a fully finishable Serpent Isle. Basically, conversations, plot items, bare bones areas, scripted scenes, death. Basically, if it is not plot related, I wont be working on it. But there is some stuff I am creating as well. Such as all the NPC's in Monitor. I just wanted to finish the conversations with all NPC's with this first phase.

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