Sunday, August 26, 2007


Monitor is finished.

The state of Monitor is exactly as if the Avatar has not taken the test yet.

~*Must have - Plot related*~
All NPC's and conversations
Guards accompany you until you meet Marsten.

~not added - will be added later~
Training area

Currently Harnna allows you to talk to her about all topics. Currently this is just for de-bugging purposes. It will be easy to set her back to the same behavior in SI with just a few variable checks. Man she used to piss me off! (Unless you use the cheat, ask her only 2 questions at a time).

And holy crap do people talk a lot! Marsten's initial conversation alone had a word count of somewhere of 2000+ words.

I almost wanted to to make a new NPC interaction where Shamino comments "Methinks the people of Monitor do talk most excessively! Perhaps they could just hand us a book to read instead to save us time on our quest!"

Something like that. heh. But no, I am trying to stick to being 100% true to the original game.

I placed buildings around but the only building you can enter (currently) is the Crematorium. The rest of the NPC just hang outside the buildings.

Again this was finished a while ago, just posting it here.

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